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The Spirit Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast, which offers Arizona lodging near the small town of Patagonia, started as the Rocking Chair Ranch. The property was bought in 1923-24 by Alvin E. "Buchie" Buchenberg, the son of German immigrants, who co-founded the Auto Lite Company, an auto parts company. It was later given to his daughter, Margaret, as a high school graduation present. Margaret ran it as a cattle ranch. She loved ranch life so much that she eventually married Lloyd Gatlin, whose family ranched in the area. For a time she was disowned by her father for marrying, what he called, an uneducated cowboy. She was welcomed back into the family after Buchie met Lloyd and found he wasn't so bad after all. Lloyd and Margaret sold the ranch in 1945 or '46, moved to a ranch in New Mexico and finally moved to Oklahoma in 1949. The ranch changed hands about every ten years until it was broken up into parcels in the '60s. The Rocking Chair Ranch name is still alive in Santa Cruz County just .2 miles up Harshaw Creek Road where a descendant still owns the name.  She had to finally quit running cattle in the canyon in 2007.  The lease was picked up in 2008 and there are cattle running in the canyon again.  The Spirit Tree Inn's main ranch house is made of adobe, wood and plaster. A wood structure was built first so they could live on the property. Over a two-year period, adobe brick was added around the wood and then plastered on the inside. The temperature in the house varies by only 4-6 degrees up or down depending on the season. Much later the outside was also plastered and painted.



Spirit Tree Inn

3 Harshaw Creek Road . HC2 Box 100 Patagonia, AZ 85624
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